If you're installing a new gas or electric service or changing an existing one, you must complete a series of steps. We offer an array of online tools and resources to help you through the process.


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Our Getting Started guides walk you through the process of installing your gas and/or electric services.


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Excess flow valvesLOL外围

An excess flow valve (EFV) automatically closes and significantly restricts unplanned or excessive natural gas flows if a pipeline is severed by digging. Download EFV 资讯rmation (PDF, 118 KB), and then complete your application in Customer Connections Online.


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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), offers several gas service options for our customers, including elevated gas delivery pressure at customer facilities in qualifying locations. When we receive a request for elevated gas delivery pressure, we work with the customer and perform a gas system evaluation to determine whether elevated pressure service is available at their location. Please note, elevated gas pressure is offered at PG&E’s discretion and, when available, may increase the cost of delivery at some locations, special facilities charges may apply as detailed in PG&E’s Gas Rule 2.

We work to provide reliable elevated gas delivery pressure to our customers. However, Gas Rule 2 allows us to reduce service to standard delivery pressure if we determine that higher gas delivery pressure is no longer available or that it negatively affects our gas delivery system.

For more information, please visit, see PG&E’s Greenbook Manual, or call our Building and Renovation Service Center at 1-877-743-7782 during regular business hours.